Extra virgin olive oil Tin – 3l

Extra virgin olive oil Tin – 3l


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100% Italian extra virgin olive
100% made in Italy

Extra virgin olive oil Tin – 3l




Italian Extra virgin olive oil Tin – 3l
100% Italian Evo

Intense and persistent fruity, with a strong scent of freshly pressed olives, and a clear hint of green and artichoke. Warm and bright, its golden colour is streaked with green reflections.
A gentle, spicy tone gradually yields on the taste of sweet almonds, leaving your mouth contented and clean.

Coratina” variety, the most widespread and important Apulian cultivar. Coratina trees represent a characterizing element of vast areas of the region, mainly located north of Bari.

The strong and lively taste, but harmonious on the palate, expresses the robust character of this oil, suitable for supporting with aroma and flavour soups, grilled meats and legumes, served raw is perfect to complete the dishes of our Apulian cuisine. 

Among the 538 Italian varieties, from the Coratina cultivar is produced the oil with the highest content of polyphenols, natural antioxidants with high biological value.